from our parents

At Hope 4 Kids Preschool & Infant/Toddler Center, we strive each and every day to be the highest quality program available in our area.  We love our parents and they love us!  Read below for some comments from our families. More are available so feel free to ask our office for additional family referrals!

From James:
Hi Cheri, Owen has started at his new Pre-school here in Basalt and the transition went very smoothly, no trouble at all, he just walked into the classroom and plopped down for circle time and waived good bye to us :-).  Apparently H4K gave him some solid self confidence :-).    But the other thing is, his teachers have told me several times now that they are amazed how much he knows -- they keep saying all the stuff they are teaching his class now he already knows.  I know you do not emphasize "academics"  (which was one of the reasons we liked H4K), but I thought you might like to know that nevertheless, he apparently learned quite a lot. 

From Taylor:
Hi Cheri,
I just wanted to let you know how happy my family and I are that we are a part of Hope 4 Kids Preschool.  It is only day three and Gavin was excited to go to "school" today.  He woke up, brushed his teeth, picked out his clothes, all on his own (with my supervision of course!) and he helped make his lunch!  It has always been like "pulling teeth" in the morning with him, and I am thankful to say, those days are gone.  :-)
Before Hope 4 Kids Preschool, dropping him off at a day care had always been emotional, for both of us.  No matter how long he had been at the facility it was always tears, screams, and sadness.  Now, he has excitement and happiness towards going to preschool.  It is a great start to his learning adventures, which I believe is a positive step forward for the rest of his life.
Since Monday, I have referred everyone I know with young children to your preschool.  I tell them "if you are not 100% happy with the result of the current care of your child, it's time for a change!"  I had never been 100% with the care Gavin was receiving, but had always had the attitude "nobody is perfect," the good always outweighed the bad.  Now I see it should not be a matter of pros and cons when it comes down to child care.
So basically, in a nutshell: I love Hope 4 Kids Preschool program, teachers, and staff!
From Taryn:
As any parent would admit, Troy is the light of our lives and we only want the very best for him.  I'm confident, and hubby would agree, that with Teacher Katie and the wonderful team at Hope 4 Kids Preschool, he has the best.  Much to my delight, Teacher Katie shares a photo, tells me an often humorous story or recounts something "awesome" that he did at school each day.  It really demonstrates that she sees my son as an individual and loves him.  I can't express in words how fulfilling it is to know that our "baby" is not only safe, but that he is truly loved, accepted and understood.  Katie and the staff at Hope 4 Kids Preschool provide countless opportunities for Troy to grow and learn in his own special way.  Going to school is always something that he looks forward to.  What a gift!
From Irma:
In being a foster parent for 22 years, we have found that sibling groups are the children who most need our help.  Sibling groups are harder to place in homes, which is one more strike against them.  Foster children already experience feelings of being lost, frightened, and guilty.  Then they are often separated from their brothers and sisters making it even more difficult to adjust and cope.  Keeping sibling groups together helps them during this stressful time in their innocent lives.
Recently, we were told of a sibling group of four children that needed to be reunited because they were placed in multiple homes.  This group was unique because by bringing them together not only would this provide a more stable, comforting environment, we could also help them maintain their rare, native language of Mixteco.  Living together would give them the ability to speak amongst themselves in their own language.  Our only hurdle was that two of the kids were under age five.  We normally don't take in kids under five because I work full-time and we don't know of anyone who can watch them during the day.  Child care can be very expensive and is financially not possible for us.  I let Child Welfare Services and the placement social worker know that I would love to help this sibling group if I had child care.  They referred me to Hope 4 Kids Preschool and said they might be able to help.
I contacted Cheri Diaz, Director of Hope 4 Kids Preschool, and explained that I wanted to take in the four siblings to reunite the family but could only do so with a scholarship.  With her bubbly personality and can-do enthusiasm my doubts that I could take them in soon diminished.  We quickly set up an appointment for my husband and I to tour the facility, learn about their preschool program, and meet the staff.  Cheri was very helpful in getting the paperwork going and getting our family established at Hope 4 Kids Preschool.  Within a few days our 4 and 2 year old had been happily placed with us along with their two older siblings.  I thank God that Hope 4 Kids Preschool could help us and that we were able to take in these four children.
What I have found is that Hope 4 Kids Preschool is a safe, clean and happy place for these children to be.  The staff is always willing to discuss any concerns we had during our transition and are very helpful and show concern and compassion for the kids.
Hope 4 Kids Preschool is a cheery place for any child when away from mom and dad; I'd recommend it to anyone!
From Katie:
Dear Cheri,
Words cannot express how grateful we are for you and your staff.  ...You have gone way above and beyond your job title.  You have made a huge difference in Sienna's life as well as in mine and Greg's.  I knew when I first walked into Hope 4 Kids that it was something special, but I never could have imagined just how special. Sienna is so happy and loves her teacher Katie so much.  Knowing that my daughter is surrounded all day by such loving people makes it so much easier to leave her for the day.  Thank you for all of your support and everything you have done for our family.
From Brandon and Anastasia:
Cheri (and the rest of the spectacular staff),
I wanted to thank you so very much for the welcome to Hope 4 Kids.  Cassidy and Cyriah come home each day happy, excited to tell their memories of the day, and...worn out, ha ha!  Their father and I are infinitely grateful for the opportunity you have opened up to them and what God has blessed us with.  Please let us know if we can contribute in any way.  We love Hope 4 Kids!
With warm regards,
Brandon and Anastasia.
P.S. I love the Daily Report Cards!