enrollment, tour requests, & wait lists

We are currently accepting enrollment applications and tour requests for all ages.
For questions about the status of your application, enrollment openings, space on the Wait List, or to confirm a Tour Inquiry Request, please contact us!
*Wait Lists
Because we are a high-quality program, we often have several families on the Wait List during pregnancy to ensure a space is available when they need to enroll. We highly recommend getting on the Wait List for all families, particularly in our Infant/Toddler Center. Please note that submission of the Wait List Form does not guarantee that a space will be available when a family needs to enroll. The purpose of the Wait List Form is for families to express their desire to enroll their child in our program and for us to keep track of a family’s priority (based on the Reservation Date) when an opening occurs. When a space becomes available, being on the Wait List gives a family priority over other families who are not on the Wait ListOnce on the Wait List, we recommend that families check in every two to three months with the Director to update information or to express ongoing interest in enrollment. Your family’s entry will be deactivated if we don’t hear from you every three months or if you decline a space if/when offered. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WAIT LIST FORM.