foster child scholarships

We are so thankful to the Daniel Child Care Scholarship Fund and The Santa Barbara Foundation for their very generous contributions to our scholarship program!  There are limited scholarships available; contact the school office for details. We continue to accept scholarship applications for infants, toddlers and preschool foster and fost/adopt children and low-income families living in Santa Barbara County.
Hope 4 Kids Preschool offers limited scholarships for afternoon care for qualifying children and families. Please contact our office for details. We occasionally offer up to 50% off for afternoon schedules (12:30-5:30pm) for children ages 4 through kindergarten.
We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Explorer (not Chrome) to download applications. Click here to learn about and download Firefox; click here to learn about and download Explorer.
Click here to download and complete a Scholarship Application.  Once you have completed the application, please contact our office at (805) 682-2300 to schedule a meeting to submit your paperwork and tour our program!