At Hope 4 Kids we believe that:
  • children learn best through play;
  • children's work is their play; 
  • lifelong lessons, relationships, skills, characteristics, beliefs, and strategies about life are developed in the early years through a child's experiences with his or her environment, family, peers, leaders, community, school, nature, and play;
  • a child should be allowed to fully develop his or her own agenda for the day, facilitated by experienced, quality, and highly-educated staff committed to the child's future;
  • a child's chance at a healthy, positive, productive, creative future is directly related to how often he or she as a child was permitted to explore ideas outside the box, take risks, create without the fear of judgment, think for him/herself, freely move his/her body, encounter sensory experiences (i.e., going barefoot in the mud, singing in the rain, painting anything and everything, etc.,), use language in creative and unconventional ways, and develop meaningful relationships with all children and adults; and
  • it is critical for a child to know he or she is important, unconditionally loved, cared for, valued, and has a crucial place in this world that nobody else can fulfill.
Our philosophy of caring for children is child-driven, caring for the whole child and based solely on each child's unique and individual needs.  Each child feels loved and nurtured by a consistent, loving caregiver so that a trusting, long-term relationship is established.  We base our daily activities on where children are in their social, physical, emotional, cognitive, creative, and language development in conjunction with their extent of prior group care experiences. 
Savannah explores paintingOur infant areas are engineered so that babies are able to observe the children in the older infant areas and vice versa.  Babies will benefit from observing older children and will experience a smoother transition into the toddler area because they are familiar with the environments, children, and staff. 
Older babies and toddlers will experience social development opportunities and gain self-confidence and self-worth as they realize they are being observed by younger children, a wonderful transition for them as they prepare to enter our preschool classrooms.

Our preschool classrooms are comprised of mixed-age groupings (preschool classrooms may have children ages 2 to 5 years).  Younger children learn faster by observing older children, while older children experience increased self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness by mentoring younger children.  Mixed-aged groupings also allows for primary care.  A child has the same teacher throughout his or her experience in our infant program and then our preschool program.

Our families, our community, our schools, and our work places are all comprised of people of different ages.  We believe that children must have early opportunities to build social and emotional skills to work and interact with people of all ages both in learning from and in mentoring others.  These are invaluable skills that will provide tremendous benefits to children as they learn how to work with others in school, families, their communities, and life.

We believe in partnering with families in guiding their children’s learning experiences. Our goal is to ensure that all families, regardless of home language or culture, feel welcomed, honored, and respected. We will partner with families to gain a deeper understanding of your culture so we can understand the profound roots of your family’s heritage. We will visit your home so we can bring a sense of connection to your child’s experience and reduce the stress of his or her first day in school. We will learn important phrases in your home language to bring understanding and respect to our relationship while at the same time increasing your child’s self-esteem because surely through this process, she will see that the words you speak at home are important and valuable to us. Where your child comes from…your family’s experiences, hardships, triumphs, beliefs, values, and goals pave the way for us to help you, help your child, reach for his future…the bright and wonderful world lying just ahead. It is an honor to be on this journey with your child and family!