join our volunteer team

At Hope 4 Kids we believe that accepting volunteers is an essential part of serving our community. Volunteers range in age from Junior High School students who may be voluteering for community service or to complete a badge for a service organization through retired persons who want to make a difference. Our process includes an application, in-person interview, statement of health, TB test and additional background checks including a fingerprint clearance.

We treat our volunteers the same way we treat our staff: with respect, trust and confidence. As a volunteer, the expectation is that you will perform your duties to the best of your abilities and know that you are a vital member of our team. Volunteers are invited to staff meetings, retreats, conferences, workshops, and events. We are building a community of people who are committed to the mission of partnering with families to help chlldren reach their full potential. If you are called to this mission then we encourage you to apply now!